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Der Camp Corsa ist ein ultraleichter Pickel mit Aluminium-Haue. Er eignet sich vor allem für den Einsatz bei Wettkämpfen und auf Skitouren. Und immer dort, wo es wirklich auf das letzte Gramm ankommt.

Packwild Camp Corsa Review

Camp selbst sagt, dass der Corsa der "leichteste Pickel der Welt ist". Erreicht haben sie das durch den konsequenten Einsatz von Aluminium - auch für den Kopf. Das macht den Pickel natürlich Ultraleicht, dafür den Kopf aber nicht so langlebig und stabil wie bei Stahl Modellen.

Die 60 und 70 cm Variante hat einen "Stöpsel" im Schaft um den Schnee draußen zu halten.

Der Camp Alpina eignet sich für alle die aufs letzte Gramm schauen. Also besonders für Skitouren, Wettkämpfe und eine ultraleichte Gletscherausrüstung und Schnee Ausrüstung. (Zum Beispiel für Thu-Hiker)

Wer einen etwas performanteren ultraleichten Pickel sucht, sollte sich den Bruder Camp Corsa Nanotech anschauen.

Vor- und Nachteile:

  • Super leicht
  • Verschiedene Längen
  • Picke aus Aluminium

Größen von Camp Corsa:

50 cm50 cm205 gSkitourenB NormSchaufelGerade
60 cm60 cm250 gHochtouren, SkitourenB NormSchaufelGerade
70 cm70 cm281 gHochtouren, SkitourenB NormSchaufelGerade

Draußen getestet: Echte Kunden-Meinungen und weitere Testergebnisse

Ultra-light, weight is as advertised. I don't expect ...
Ultra-light, weight is as advertised. I don't expect it to help me scale a mountain, but it isn't intended to. I plan on using it for backcountry skiing mostly, using it for self-arrest in an emergency. It only needs to work once to make a lifetime of difference....
– Brian Winter
Needs a leash.
Strong, very true to weight. Needs a leash!
– Amazon Customer
Four Stars
A good lightweight snow travel axe.
– Nick lenn
Very Very light ice axe
Really lightweight ice axe. No leash, but we knew that when we bought it, and added one ourselves. The opposite end to the head is hollow and open, and so you couldn't have it upside-down on the outside of a rucksack in rain, as it would fill with water! Then again, who takes an ice-axe if it's gonna rain?
As described, super light ice axe. Happy with this purchase & recommend for ski or snowboard mountaineering
– Dr. K
– Amazonのすんげぇ迷惑なお客様
Perfect for split mountaineering
No need to carry any more weight than you have to.
– Chance J.
Very light
This is the perfect product if you just want something very very light to carry in your pack that you might need in soft snow or for some good breaks while mildly glissading. This is not a heavy-duty piece of equipment and does not look like it would hold up. However, if you're looking for something that weighs about a half a pound and only light work is required, then this will really work for you.
– Cal Sand
Lightweight yet Strong
It's so lightweight but feels sturdy and just what I need for my PCT thru-hike. I haven't used it yet, but it seems like it will be just great.
– Gracie
Too light for its own good. Only for shoulder season mountain hikes, crossing passes, etc. Not for serious mountaineering use.
Good for hikers to carry for use in emergencies or rare use cases, but too light for its own good in more serious applications.Story: I'm a hiker and prefer ultralight solutions, so I thought I'd try this one. I used it on the Mountaineer's Route on Mount Whitney when conditions required self-anchor and self-belay type use. My friend had the Black Diamond Raven, and his axe outperformed mine and was overall a lot more confidence-inspiring, and most importantly — easier to use. I had to jam the Corsa in repeatedly, 2-3 times on average (often with two hands) to get a solid anchor, due to the light weight and lack of heft. His axe went in firmly on the first try every time with one hand, and as a result he was able to climb faster and more securely. So overall, if you know you'll need an axe, I'd go with a slightly heavier one with a steel head and shaft tip. But this one will work in a pinch if you're unlikely to need it. Recommended only for shoulder season mountain hikes, crossing passes, etc. Too lightweight for serious mountaineering.
– Justin L.
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