Grivel Nepal SA im Test


Der Grivel Nepal SA ist ein performanter und leichter Pickel für leichte und mittlere Hcohtouren. Der leicht gebogene Schaft erleichtert, im Vergleich zum Grivel G1, den Einsatz als Zugpickel, mindert aber nicht den Komfort bei der Verwendung als "Gehstock".

Packwild Grivel Nepal SA Review

Wie die meisten Eispickel von Grivel besteht auch der Nepal SA aus einem geschmiedeten Kopf mit aggressiver Haue. Sein Schaft ist leicht gebogen, was den Einsatz als Zugpickel erleichtert. Er wird mit einer Handschlaufe mit integriertem Pickelschutz ausgeliefert.

Leichtere Alternativen sind der Petzl Summit oder Glacier und der Blue Ice Blackbird. Wer einen aggressiveren Pickel für härtere Einsatzgebiete sucht, sollte sich die Klasse des Grivel Air Tech Evo anschauen.

Die Bruder Grivel Nepal SA Plus kommt mit gummiertem Griff. Er ist unsere Empfehlung für alle die einen Pickel dieser Klasse von Grivel suchen.

Vor- und Nachteile:

  • Leicht gebogener Schaft
  • Handschlaufe mit Spitzenschutz
  • Gibt leichtere Alternativen

Größen von Grivel Nepal SA:

58 cm58 cm440 gHochtourenB NormSchaufelGebogen
66 cm66 cmHochtourenB NormSchaufelGebogen
74 cm74 cmHochtourenB NormSchaufelGebogen

Draußen getestet: Echte Kunden-Meinungen und weitere Testergebnisse

Great axe
Used this in the lake district, very light and ergonomic. Clearly made of decent materials and wouldn't break any time soon.I think the slight bend in the shaft may not suit some people when walking, but when it comes to striking out foot holds or self arrest it seems more natural.
– Telesto
Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo!
Ottima per chi comincia a muovere i primi passi sulle montagne innevate. Ottima per alpinismo classico su pendii non troppo ripidi. Bisogna saperla usare ed avere delle competenze tecniche di alpinismo, ma questo è sottinteso!
– Daniele
It's really good (but I am pretty tall (6' 3") so it's ...
Starting with a grain of salt. I don't often give 5 stars so use that as a baseline.Recently got this because my old broom handle ice-ax gave up just before a trek up Mt.Adams. Having been years sence I got a new AX I did a lot of research. Most everyone said "get a Grivel" they are sexy. REI was out and they only carry the black (Red looked sexier) so AMAZON it is.It's really good (but I am pretty tall (6' 3") so it's handle could have been a little longer (why I loved my old AX) to use as a good walking stick. The weight is AWESOME and it was really comfortable in my hand. I have larger hands and had no issue and my climbing buddy with more average sized hands preferred mine to his when trying it out for fit. The curved handle (something new to me) is great for making a self-arrest easier for the leverage benefits.The draw-back (and perhaps because of my old ax as a basis of comparison) I am use to the strait handle being a little easier to jam into the snow for an anchor. I was able to do it no problem, but it took more UMPH to set with the curved handel. After a few tries I figured out that if I curve it into the snow as I plant it; it's pretty clean. Likely it holds better too... just saying. this may be more tricky if the snow is really heavy or more packed down.I loved it and can't wait to get out there again.
– Paul Willey
Five Stars
Great arresting axe for the price, Use it for climbing (not technical) on Mt Washington and the Whites
– dennis bodnar
Bought this as my glissading ice axe and love it. Worked like a charm on St Helens
Bought this as my glissading ice axe and love it. Worked like a charm on St Helens. Not heavy, super high quality, would definitely recommend.
– Jack Bauer
Great Value Ice Ace
Bought this to climb Mt. Adams. It worked out great. We weren’t able to glissade because of ice but when we did try I was able to abort the ice chute and self arrest successfully.
– DenInOly
Five Stars
Just the job.Thanks.
– chris trevor
very good
love this ice ax, it is long, sturdy and well designed. Rubber cap is a nice touch. Leash is strong enough and has the adjustment.
– marsel
Good axe
Perfect choice for a number of uses, it works well on frozen snow and in late morning softer snow. The rubber cap may be used when descending on rocks and provides an aid to discharge weight. I like it a lot, I have also used in really steep climbings and it worked smoothly.
– Scubarob
Choice right size for you
Really nice ice axe with beautiful color. Use it for glisading down the Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams in WA. self rest couple times when went too fast from glisading down and it work really good. I am 5ft 4 got 58cm is right size for me to carry and use it...
– Rocket Dog
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