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Die Zeiten, in denen man 2 Matten umständlich aneinander fixieren musste (und dann doch immer eine Lücke blieb), um eine Isomatte für 2 Personen zu bauen, sind vorüber! Mit der Exped MegaMat Duo holst du die ein ultra-komfortables Doppel-Outdoorbett ins Zelt oder ins Auto.

Wem Gewicht und Packmaß zweitrangig sind, der sollte sich die MegaMat Duo unbedingt näher anschauen. Sie eignet sich perfekt für´s Basislager, zum Campen, ins Auto oder auch als Gäste-Matratze für Zuhause. Näher kommst du dem Gefühl, in deinem eigenen Bett zu schlafen, nicht!

Packwild Exped MegaMat Duo 10 Review

Warm, extrabreit und ultra bequem ist die Exped MegaMat Duo. Auf ihren 10 cm Dicke schläft es sich so komfortabel, dass man fast Gefahr läuft, den Urlaub zu verpassen. Die Exped MegaMats sind Pioniere einer neuen Generation selbstaufblasender Isomatten, die bis zum Rand hin komplett eben sind.

Es könnte klirrend kalt werden während deines nächsten Abenteuers? Kein Problem! Ein R-Wert von 9,5 ermöglicht Extrem-Temperaturen von bis zu -48 Grad. Die hervorragende Isolation wird durch die Über-Breite abgerundet und macht das Isomatten-Wohlfühlpaket komplett.

Die Doppel-Matte ist zwar selbstaufblasend und macht diesen Job in 10 - 15 Minuten auch sehr gut, wer es aber gerne etwas härter mag, der pumpt einfach mit der mitgelieferten Mini-Pumpe ein paar mal nach.

Im Inneren der MegaMat Duo 10 ist ein offenporiger PU-Schaum, der die massive Wärmeisolation ermöglicht. Horizontale Luftkanäle machen die Matte etwas leichter – so wird es dir nie kalt von unten und die Matte bleibt manövrierfähig.

Mit der warmen Doppel-Matte kommt ein smarter Anpass-Packsack. Er ist höhenverstellbar, wird zum Schließen einfach gerollt und kann, dank Gurt, auch als Tasche über der Schulter getragen werden.

Hier noch ein paar weitere Infos für Detail-Fans:

Gewicht Pumpe: 45 g

Gewicht Packsack: 250 g (M) / 200 g (LW)

Packvolumen: 38,9 L (M) / 49 L (LW)

Vor- und Nachteile:

  • sehr bequem
  • hohe Wärmeisolation (-48 Grad)
  • inkl Mini-Pumpe
  • extra dick
  • inkl Roll-Packsack
  • schwer
  • großes Packmaß
  • Entlüften dauert etwas

Größen von Exped MegaMat Duo 10:

MUnisex4 JahreszeitenCamping, Expedition, Freizeit, Reisen, Auto-48 °C10 cm3340 g183 cm104 cm9.555 x 30 cm
LWUnisex4 JahreszeitenCamping, Expedition, Freizeit, Reisen, Auto-48 °C10 cm4630 g197 cm132 cm9.570 x 30 cm

Draußen getestet: Echte Kunden-Meinungen und weitere Testergebnisse

Bought this for some car camping during a three week trip up through the Canadian Rockies. The queen size worked well for my wife and I compared to single person mattresses we had previously been using. Unfortunately the product has a couple of inconvenient properties.... 1) it does not maintain the pressure in the pad over time when the temperature decreases over night. So sometime in the middle of the night you have to pump it back up.... probably a couple of times depending on when you get up. 2) it inflates when you don't want it to after packing up. I believe I've seen comments from the manufacturer that the deflation (prob inflation too) is due to a physics constraint related to temperture (PV=nRT). I don't recall the Thermarest pads we have behaving the same. It doesn't really matter why this is happening to the person that is experiencing this behavior. Other than these inconveniences the products seems well made. I liked the valve design. It was definitely the easiest one to inflate with the hand pump ( as opposed to breath ). I guess it wouldn't be such a disappointment if it didn't cost so much.
Do yourself a favor, and buy this!
Do yourself a favor and buy this sleeping pad instead of a sleeper sofa or inflatable mattress. We only have one awesome bed in our home and gave that up for our visiting parents. So after months of research, I decided on this product. Bottom line, if you can put this down on the ground at the base camp of a mountain and get a good night's rest, then it should work on the floor of my condo. My pregnant wife and I slept on this mattress for 3 nights and not only did we survive without any back issues, we actually slept deeply and comfortably. I am a believer! The best part of all is when the time came to put it away, it compacted down easily and stowed away without any effort. This is definately going with us on our future road trips.
– Cachirulo Milonguero
Worth the money
I read reviews that said that this was worth the extra money, so I gave it a try. I was not dissapointed. It was very very comfy. :)
– leitning17
Quality product with a warranty
I love this mat! Best mattress for camping I've ever used. Pretty easy to inflate, but it is a foot pump. So plan accordingly. The stuff sack is wonderful and pretty forgiving. It took me a few tries to get it as closely deflated as initial use, yet I could still roll it up in to stuff sack. After owning over a year I had a malfunction in the mattress. Contacted the company and sent it to WA office for repair. EXPED replaced the mattress since still under warranty. Only cost me shipping there and was relieved at how quickly they addressed it and replaced and shipped back. Shipping to Washington state is pricey if you are on the other side of country (for me 50-75 bucks depending on expiditing). A fraction of the cost if I had to replace it out of pocket. Would highly recommend.
– KushBayouStar
If sleep is important to you...
Great sleeping pad for car camping! I replaced the 1" memory foam pad in my iKamper with Exped MegaMat. It is easy to inflate to my perfect softness with just a few pumps of the included hand pump. To deflate I fold it in half lengthwise and lay on it. Voilá. This will be my bed for the next three to four months as I travel up through Canada and Alaska. I feel confident that this will hold up well through my travels as it is well constructed.
– Stmbt skier
The best I've used
Very comfortable and easy to use. Surprisingly firm. I sleep wonderfully on mine. We purchased two queen sized for our tent and four people sleep great. Yes, they are pricey, but sleep is a deal breaker for me. Thanks to these, I try to go camping as often as possible.
– Apollinaire
Extremely Comfortable Upgrade from Other Sleeping Pads
This pad is extremely comfortable and makes for a vastly upgraded night's sleep when compared to a simple pad. It comfortably fits two of us and is also not so bouncy as to be disruptive when stirring around in the middle of the night. Of course, there are a few trade-offs such as: - the pad takes up most of the space in our 3-person (rated) tent - it takes a while to self-inflate after which the included hand-pump must be used for full-inflation and firmness (an hour or two, at most) - deflating requires quite a bit of effort of rolling, squeezing and stuffing it back into the included carrying bag These trade-offs (which were known ahead of time) are a small price to pay for comfort, however! The pad also appears to be durable and will hopefully last a long time.
– Scott T.
Expected otherwise....
Interesting to me ... there is no repair/patch kit included or offered when I contacted the company about this issue. Ergo when a puncture dies happen you have your roll of gaffers tape handy to make any necessary repair. The company said one is not included and they do not offer a patch/repair kit. I realize I had expected otherwise from a high end priced sleeping pad. Other wise the product performs as expected. Suggest adding a small crossbow pocket inside to store a repair kit and pump. With out a repair kit with the pad when a puncture/rip does happen ... I ended up sleeping on a flat pad on the ground. Well sleep I did not nor was I warm.
– SeaJohn
Still getting used to it
It's not a fabulous dream of sleep, but it is definitely more comfortable than the thinner, individual inflatable pads. We are still getting used to it and I suspect we overinflate it. It's very firm fully inflated and does not transfer movement between sides. The gaskets work very well. I'm glad we bought it, but man, was it expensive.
– Anne Cutrell
With every penny!
This mattress is amazing. We bought it to replace the foam mattress in our roof top tent. Not only is it a perfect fit but it is so comfortable! Super fast delivery and a truly great sleeping pad! I highly recommend.
– Kristie LaVelle
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