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Mobiler Komfort zu einem ausgesprochen günstigen Preis. Die Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout ist wie gemacht für Trekking-Einsteiger, Camping-Neulinge und alle, die eine günstige, selbstaufblasende Allround-Isomatte suchen. Dank kompakter Größe und leichtem Eigengewicht macht sie von Frühling bis Herbst alle Abenteuer mit.

Packwild Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Review

Endlich hat die Trail Scout ein überarbeitetes Ventil! Therm-a-Rest rüstet gerade nach und nach alle Isomatten mit dem neuen WingLock-Ventil aus. Es erhöht den Luftstrom, so ist die Matte 3 mal schneller einsatzbereit und auch das Luft-Ablassen geht um einiges fixer.

Selbstaufblasend heißt bei der Trail Scout (wie bei allen anderen selbstaufblasenden Matten auch), dass sie sich bis zu einem gewissen Grad selbst mit Luft vollsaugt. Der Rest wird per Mund, Pumpe oder Blasebalg eingefüllt, bis die Matte die individuell-gewünschte Härte hat.

Der PU-Schaumstoff-Kern ist nicht nur strapazierfähig und leicht, sondern bietet auch bequem Schlafkomfort. Alles in Allem ist die Trail Scout eine perfekte Einsteiger- und Allrounder-Matte, die in 3 Jahreszeiten auf sämtlichen Abenteuer verlässlich begleitet.


Vor- und Nachteile:

  • super günstig
  • schnell selbstaufblasend
  • klein + leicht
  • perfekt für Einsteiger
  • etwas dünner

Größen von Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout:

SmallUnisex3 JahreszeitenTrekking, Camping, Freizeit, Reisen0 °C2.5 cm400 g119 cm51 cm3.128 x 13 cm
RegularUnisex3 JahreszeitenTrekking, Camping, Freizeit, Reisen0 °C2.5 cm630 g183 cm51 cm3.128 x 16 cm
LargeUnisex3 JahreszeitenTrekking, Camping, Freizeit, Reisen0 °C2.5 cm860 g196 cm64 cm3.133 x 18 cm

Draußen getestet: Echte Kunden-Meinungen und weitere Testergebnisse

Irregular, Manufacturing defect
Product marked as irregular and irregular is marked on the pad in sharpie with no mention in the description. Overall works fine but disappointing to not know about this beforehand. Be careful buying from 3rd party who clearly obtains manufacturing defect products and then sells at full price.
– Eric Gallagher
Buyer Beware
Product came from third party seller with a manufacturing irregularity despite the fact that nothing like this was mentioned in the listing. The word “irregular” was written on the pad in sharpie and the texture was bumpy on one side of the pad.
– AnonymousAnonymous
Ligero, buen aislante y super precio.
Compré este pad para completar mi kit de camping por su valor R de 3.2 Lo usé en clima frío (aprox. - 2°C) a 3600msnm y abajo un aislante de espuma de con valor R de 1.2, juntos funcionaron de maravilla, simplemente no pasó nada de frío y nos mantuvieron calientes. Tenía temor que por mi sleeping que no tiene relleno justo en la espalda (porque de ahí se "atora" al pad) pasara frío pero no. El peso y dimensiones son excelentes para guardar en mochila. Lo recomiendo ampliamente...ahora solo me falta la almohada de thermarest que se ve prometedora.
– Cliente de Amazon
Meets expectations
Very comfortable to sleep on only dislike is not using a cover over this the skin tends to stick alittle. Very satisfied with the purchase of this item
– jeffrey richards
It’s not just for outdoors.
I brought this Therm-A-Rest on vacation! Best decision! I have found most hotel beds to be uncomfortable and brining this gave me a good nights sleep every night. It’s not just for outdoors.
– Charlene Caruso
Good, but missing repair kit
Great sleeping pad for the price. My sleeping pad did not include a repair kit though (missing items = -1 star). Hopefully the distributers will see this and send me a repair kit...
– Joe Z
Best pad in my opinion
I had the older model trail scout for 7 years and it served me well. I has around thirty holes in it from cat claws and I want to share the reason I love this particular pad so much. If you use the clear tenacious tape patches on it you don’t need sealant. They stick really well to the surface of this. Just cut to size so it is 1/4 of an inch all around the sides of the hole make sure the area is clean and dry and push the tape down on the surface as hard as you can. It will hold a seal forever on the urethane. Other pads aren’t this simple to patch. Even with thirty holes my old one still holds air after being taped up. Really I didn’t need a new pad at all, but I was curious about the new wing lock valve. The only thing I don’t like about this new pad is the valve. My mouth doesn’t seal around it as well as the old one and the inflation time seems the same. The wing lock is awkward by comparison to the old. I don’t like that I have to manipulate it more and the larger size of the nozzle leaves air to escape around the edges when I blow into it. Maybe it’s just this one? Defective? I don’t know. I should probably contact them and ask if this is a wing lock thing. I am not taking off stars for it. Only thing I would change is to put a layer of Mylar sandwiched between the foam to make it a little bit warmer and still let it be self inflating. If they do that I will never buy another pad. 😂
– Jewel
Missing repair kit. Otherwise quality item.
– VC
Perfect first time sleeping pad
My first sleeping pad was the $50 klymit one which deflated on me over night and was very uncomfortable. This thermarest has foam built into it which makes it warmer and more comfortable. I used it with my nemo 15 degree bag and a hammock on a 30 degree night and when I woke up I was warm. I slept really well. I wouldn't recommend using this bag in those temperatures unless you have a substantial sleeping bag. It is perfect for the fall and spring months when its above 30 degrees. I would not use this pad if it will be below 30 degrees.
– Joshua James ivy
Hope the pictures help
I was surprised by the lack of pictures. Who doesn’t like pictures to help you decide what it looks like that aren’t taken by the company. As you can see the pad is much smaller than a standard size Coleman sleeping bag. It’s extremely lightweight and is perfect for backpacking. As for comfort it’s not as comfortable as my basecamp sleeping pad by the same brand. That being said it’s half the weight and size. My son uses this pad and has never complained about being uncomfortable. I unfortunately sleep like princess and the pea so don’t use this one much. I mainly got this because it’s a 3 season pad which means it’s insulated and will keep the ground from stealing your body heat which is needed here in the PNW. It’s pretty easy to use if you read the instructions. After a few tests with a few errors I’ve perfected how to inflate and deflate. Here’s a few tips make sure the winglock valve is open which is how you let air in when self inflating and how you let air out when deflating. Then we have the nozzle which is open when inflating and deflating. Be sure to close the cap nozzle thing and the winglock valve when set up and when finished deflating to store (I didn’t close it and it self inflated in the bag). It’s a wonderful product that is really easy to misuse and not work but if you follow the instructions it’s a good choice. If you’re an adventurer that prefers a practical reliable of this is it. If your main concern is padding for aching joints and bones or sleeping like princess and the pea like me and need the luxuries of a nice comfortable bed I recommend looking elsewhere.
– Lexi GLexi G
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